Dovetree Aged Care Facility wins UDIA National Award for Excellence

The UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) Awards Presentation was held at Brisbane City Hall on Friday 2nd November.

Sinnamon Village – ‘DOVETREE” was entered by Wesley Mission Queensland, and to our delight, won the award for “Residential Care”.

Annual Art Competition & Exhibition

Begun in 1998 the Charlie’s Truck Door Art Competition has become an institution and an eagerly anticipated event in our social calendar. This year we took the annual exhibition to a new level of serious and stylish sophistication–*darling!*

Fulton Trotter Architects Education Forum

On a mission to untangle the expanse of researched models and theories, Fulton Trotter Architects hosted Part II of our DAZED OR DAZZLING forum series, this time uniting a range of educational experts. Our speakers shared ideas on innovative approaches to the changing environments of learning institutions in order to design a brighter future.

Ambrose Treacy College - Senior School Precinct

Fulton Trotter Architects has worked with Ambrose Treacy College for the past 10 years, and we are very proud to share the recently completed Senior School Precinct. This is the third stage of the Senior School Master Plan developed with the College. The Senior Precinct comprises of three educational buildings each with their own character and linked along the leafy ridgeline of the site.

Clancy Catholic College - Stage 6

Fulton Trotter Architects have been working with the college for almost 10 years, commencing with the development of the Master Plan in 2010. Since then six additional stages have been completed, successfully creating a community of buildings which are non-institutional in character.

Do your Buildings Convey who you are as a School?

Does it really matter how our students present themselves for school?
A tie, pulled up socks, a blazer, hat, track suit or board shorts?

Well yes and no! Schools will have very different policies around uniform, but they all will have given the matter considerable thought based on a range of processes and issues including…

Flexibility: We're doing it - Why aren't YOU?

On the 27th of June, the AIA hosted their first event organised by the Gender Equity Committee QLD titled “Flexibility- We’re doing it- why aren’t you?” Along with over 100 other audience members, we had the pleasure of watching Director, Katerina Dracopoulos represent Fulton Trotter as one of four keynote speakers from local Architectural practices of varying sizes.

Fulton Trotter Architects Goes Vertical!

This semester Director, Paul Trotter was one of the three studio leaders for the Masters of Architecture, final year design at QUT.

Paul set his students a challenging project in the form of a new Vertical High School in the CBD of Durban South Africa!

Making a Place for Joy

The title theme of our forum was…Dazed or Dazzling: How Will our Elders Live? So lets start there… or to make it more personal ‘how would you like to live, when you get there? Because lets face it, we are all getting older and the time will come.

And perhaps the more important question is… ‘How would you like to die?’

Creating Order from Chaos - Common Data Environments

From the desk of Nathan Hildebrandt, Director Over the years I have worked on projects where we have encountered the need to sift through countless documents and drawings that clients have stored in drawers or on hard drives or servers.

Vale Frank Moss

On Friday 8th June, Fulton Trotter Architects were deeply saddened to receive word of the passing of our retired partner and longest serving team member, Frank Moss.

John Wesley Gardens

John Wesley Gardens, residential aged care community, has been an important part of the Geebung landscape in Queensland for over fifty years.

Climbing High at Faith Lutheran College

An eight metre high climbing wall features prominently in the newly completed humanities and physical education centre at Faith Lutheran College (FLC), Plainland, situated in the picturesque Lockyer Valley, Queensland.

Fulton Trotter Digital

Today Fulton Trotter Architects announce the launch of their new brand ‘Fulton Trotter Digital.