The Soggy Fulton Trotter River Hogs

Sunday 21st November, the Fulton Trotter River Hogs, consisting of Andrew “Relaxed” Campbell, Belinda “Bow” Dewdney, Candice “Right side of the river” Fitzsimons, Belinda “Steady stoke” Gleeson and Doug “Respirator” Pountney, took to the water in a bid to exercise their supreme rowing skills against the competition at the Corporate Regatta. The rivals were wary, the Salmon Sweethearts replying with a terse “we’ll show her” when Candice Fitzsimons kindly informed them that they should prepare to lose. But alas, the Hogs were handicapped out of the contest, receiving harsh and surely unjustified seven second time penalty to the start of their races due to prowess alone.

The Hogs placed third in the heat, second in the C-grade final and third in the scratch final events – all of which were contested by three boats. The Fulton Trotter rowers did not go home empty handed, however, winning a medal (by default) for the scratch final event in true Steven Bradbury style, as their rivals had already placed first in previous events, disqualifying them from receiving a second medal.

After a somewhat shaky and soggy introduction to their training routine, the Hogs emerged as the real winners of the day by simply avoiding the misfortune that befell other teams of less skill. The day’s events included a snapped oar, ruptured rigger, rolled boat and spectacular collision with a bright yellow buoy. The Hog’s evasion of disaster can only be attributed to the much appreciated hard work and time given up by the team’s esteemed coach, Frank Moss.

The Hogs also have Fulton Trotter Architects to thank for their financial support in this escapade and Shannon Daly and Harleigh Venables’ contribution of time and equipment in designing and making the uniforms with team member, Doug Pountney. All in all, the Fulton Trotter Hogs have learnt to appreciate the virtues of perseverance and mental-application essential to the sport of rowing and look forward to next year’s Corporate Regatta, perhaps with the recruitment of our consultant peers in some inter-office rivalry.