Charlie's Truck Door Art Exhibition 2009

Charlies Truck Door Art Competition has come and gone for another year, and yet again the quality and quantity of entries has improved.

From humble beginnings back in 1998 the CTDAC has continued to grow in popularity and prestige. This year entries were opened up to consultants for the first time and we have received a resounding response. Through the consultants we have experienced the resurrection of a school boys dream to be an artist and unleashed a new wave of appreciation for the thoughts going on in our consultant’s minds.

Taking advantage of the recently completed Wesley House, the ninth floor function room overlooking King George Square was a splendid venue that again raised the stakes of the competition.

Commendations have to be given to all of the 38 entries that were received this year. Every medium was explored, from acrylic paintings, to metal work sculptures, objects found on the side of the road to edible items that teetered in place. A number of the entries have been attached.

Two categories of Awards were given, the first being the Peoples Choice and the other the ‘professionally’ judged awards.

Peoples Choice Awards were given to Sam Weiler, Paul Sekava, Greg Mulheran and Angela Barbeler. Winner by a landslide was Katerina Dracopoulos with her edible ‘Eiffel Mouthful’, a delicate sculpture that carefully combined structural ingenuity and extraordinary baking ability that resulted in an artifice any Parisian would be proud of.

Our ‘professional’ judges for this years CTDAC were, as is the tradition, not made aware that they would be judging until they had arrived at the exhibition. We are therefore very thankful that former partners of the practice, Ian Fulton and Jack Gilmore stepped into the role with the dedication and enthusiasm that they have always delivered to their projects. Experience prevailed with the outcome resulting in no judged awards being given to FTA participants. Clare Trotter (Daughter of Paul Trotter) took out third prize with her acrylic painting ‘Still Life’. Second prize was awarded to Jeremy Ferrier (Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architecture) for his photograph ‘Field of Flowers’. First Prize and a fitting tribute to a retiring icon was awarded to Alan Kapitzke (Ashburner Francis) for his metal sculpture ‘Wedgie’, a welded and embellished steel bird that echoes the steely sharp brain of the owner.

Congratulations must be given to the outstanding entries that our consultants have delivered and we hope that next year will result in further growth and enjoyment of the Charlies Truck Door Art Competition.