Clancy Catholic College - Stage 6

Clancy Catholic College is a co-ed systemic catholic college with approximately 1100 students, located in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Fulton Trotter Architects have been working with the college for almost 10 years, commencing with the development of the Master Plan in 2010. Since then 6 additional stages have been completed, successfully creating a community of buildings which are non-institutional in character. This month the team were excited to view the recently completed Stage 6, in which some of the notable features include:

A state of the art performance and gymnasium space
While day to day the space offers full sporting and gymnasium facilities, the facility can be transformed into a whole of College gathering and performance space with high tech sound and light facilities, full stage and back of stage facilities. The hall is serviced by a generous welcoming foyer and display space.

Hall 2 + Theatre
A multi purpose flat floor exam space constructed over 5 years ago has now been transformed into its intended purpose as a tiered lecture and performance theatre. With a capacity of over 250, the space can house a year group as well as specialist drama performance and other functions.

Music facilities have been upgraded with additional high acoustic quality practice rooms and acoustically improved teaching and performance spaces.

Fulton Trotter Architects are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Clancy Catholic College with the next stage of the school’s Master Plan now underway. Stage 7 will include new Art, Fitness and General Learning Areas as well as a Canteen and External Sports Areas.

Credit: Clancy Catholic College Sporting Gymnasium & Art Performance Space | Photo: Fulton Trotter Architects