Education Forum Recap

Fulton Trotter Architects recently hosted an Education Forum for clients and collaborators working in the sector.

The forum featured an array of education and architecture industry thought leaders, including:

  • Mark Trotter, Director, Fulton Trotter Architects
  • Vanessa Miller, Education Doctoral Candidate, QUT
  • Tony Ryan, Learning Futurist and Dr Stephen Brown, Director, The Brown Collective

It gave an insight into the astonishing possibilities for schools in the next decade, which will be exposed to dramatic and unprecedented changes. Technologies and lifestyle patterns will require schools to fully rethink many of their earlier approaches. Design will be vital in helping schools do this and will play a critical role in our future education system.

The forum examined the vital ingredients that make good education architecture. Architecture that needs to be technically competent, robust and flexible; connected to community, sustainable and value for money; and site and culturally sensitive, and inspiring to all.

The importance of design was highlighted in creating successful teaching/student learning environments, and the urgent need for building stock to be upgraded to meet rapid advancements in technology.

Fulton Trotter Architects received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Mark Allen from Brisbane Catholic Education, said the forum was a timely reminder that the built environment design and building process is constantly evolving.

“I was reminded that you can’t assume anything – particularly in the built environment design and building process. I really appreciated that the forum was intimate, focused, and to the point,” said Mr Allen.

Deputy Principal at St Peter Claver, Anthony Elmore highlighted just how much influence the built environment has on the success of our teaching and learning environment.

“It’s so critical to consider the purpose and usefulness of our education buildings and precincts,” said Mr Elmore.