Flying through the latest stage of Faith Lutheran College

We are excited to showcase the proposed new Sports Hall at Faith Lutheran College, currently under construction. The building provides two full sized basketball courts, netball, badminton, volleyball, amenities, gym area, teaching spaces and integrated communal external space. Due for completion in the first half of 2020, Faith Lutheran College will be able to offer exceptional sports facilities to their students and the Lockyer Valley community.

Click here to view to view a short movie flying through the proposed space!

Fulton Trotter Architects began working with Faith Lutheran College in 2008, not long after Janelle Anderson became Principal. Since our introduction to the site there have been eight stages of development completed, consisting of internal refurbishments and 12 new buildings, with the ninth stage and largest building, the Sports Hall due for completion in 2020.

We have enjoyed the journey of working with the Faith Lutheran College team, engaging in a highly collaborative design process in order to create a campus with heart that reflects the values of the community. Over the past 12 years, we feel that the contribution by many in the Faith community led by Janelle, has made each project incrementally better, progressively delivering a wonderful cohesive and unique learning environment. As we have witnessed the school campus grow with each new building, the sense of ownership and pride is evident in the students and staff alike as the indoor and outdoor spaces form a colourful backdrop to a vibrant school life.

The design concept focuses on the essence of the existing scenery, framing views and subtly responding to the rural vernacular. Economy of materials and suitability of building forms and materials to the context form the framework of each distinctive building design. The aim has been to keep the internal planning efficient and flexible. As teaching methods and pedagogies develop over time, this flexibility ensures a long useful life for each of the buildings. It’s not just the buildings but the spaces in between that foster a sense of inclusiveness and community, with the indoor and outdoor spaces blending into one another with large overhangs so that the beautiful South East Queensland weather can be enjoyed.

Working in collaboration with Faith Lutheran College has been a wonderful experience for Fulton Trotter Architects and we feel honoured to consider ourselves a part of the Faith Lutheran College community.