Fulton Trotter Digital

Today Fulton Trotter Architects announce the launch of their new brand ‘Fulton Trotter Digital.’

Building on their strengths in delivering high quality Architecture for their clients, Fulton Trotter Architects are now offering Consulting Services under their Fulton Trotter Digital brand to assist asset owners in specifying, assessing, managing and auditing digital deliverables to maximise the potential value in their facility and reduce capital and operational costs.

Fulton Trotter Digital is led by Fulton Trotter Architects Director Nathan Hildebrandt, a highly regarded Building Information Modelling (BIM) expert. Nathan states, “I have learnt through my years of research and practical project experience that there are so many inefficiencies throughout the lifecycle of a building. I am eager to help asset owners benefit from new technologies and processes. These technologies and processes ultimately aim to save them time and money whilst not sacrificing quality. Some asset owners may then choose to invest these savings in creating higher quality spaces for people to learn, heal or age.”

Based on the standards set by the UK Government mandate to achieve 25% savings across the construction and operational costs of their built assets, Fulton Trotter Digital will offer clients the following services including;

  • Information Definition
  • Supplier Assessment
  • Information Management
  • Coordination Management
  • Common Data Environment
  • Other Digital (BIM) services

For further information please refer to the Fulton Trotter Digital page on the Fulton Trotter Architects website.