Ryan Loveday recognised for his Contribution to the Practice of Architecture Learning Series

Fellow Director of the practice, Ryan Loveday has this year been recognised by the profession at the AIA Queensland Chapter President’s Honours.

He was acknowledged for his extensive contribution to training and developing young architects. The citation recognised his engagement and leadership of the Institute’s Practice of Architecture Learning Series (the PALS Course) in Queensland, along with his passionate commitment to contributing to architectural education both internal and external to our own practice.

The PALS course is a mainstay of the registration ‘gauntlet’ and Ryan has helped prepare hundreds of candidates for professional registration, since joining the program as a tutor in 2014. Together with co-convener Paul Trotter, Ryan has run the intensive course since 2016, building on the courses’ acknowledged reputation within the industry promoting both technical preparedness and strong professional ethics.

The high point of the evening celebrated the lifetime achievements and service of an extraordinary group of architects as they were inducted a Life Fellows of the Institute. Their accomplishments particularly highlighted the outstanding role of architects in government service, an attitude of service to the public good somehow lacking in the current sphere. Ryan and his fellow directors were very pleased to rub shoulders with these fine people and emulate their example of service to the community.