St Patrick’s College, Campbelltown - Staff Room & Middle School Refurbishment

Fulton Trotter Architects were engaged by St Patrick’s College, Campbelltown to develop a new Master Plan for their campus. The resulting Master Plan celebrates the gardens and green spaces around the campus – in particular the oval, or ‘Village Green’ space at the centre of the site. The existing facilities are re-orientated around this central green space to better connect the internal areas to the external spaces.

This project is the first stage of the Master Plan development and involves the refurbishment of an existing building into a new Middle School area as well as new staff facilities.

The existing building was constructed in a number of stages, which resulted in a confusing mixture of spaces – many of which had poor natural ventilation and access to natural light. In order to simplify and open up the building, parts of the existing structure were demolished. A new atrium space is created in the centre of the building – providing a grand entrance to the middle school and improving access and way finding to the remainder of the building.

On the ground floor the existing staff areas have been converted into open and flexible teaching spaces that reflect the evolving pedagogy of the College. On the first floor of the building the cellular staff office spaces were reconfigured to create an open plan, light-filled and modern staff study and staff lounge space. This area features open plan staff work areas as well as collaboration spaces and meeting rooms to foster an interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

In keeping with the Master Plan the spaces are filled with finishes inspired by nature and natural lighting in order to create a strong connection to the surrounding landscaped areas.

Credit: St Patrick’s, Campbelltown Staff Room | Photo: Daniel Mulheran