In the first century BC, the Roman architect, writer and engineer, Vitruvius cited the three values that any work of architecture should celebrate: firmness, commodity and delight.

Fulton Trotter Architects believe that these values remain an important working method even in guiding our contemporary practice of architecture.

Before anything else, a building should be structurally sound, water tight, resistant to corrosion and it should be these things simply and effortlessly. The architectural ideas should never override this basic function of any building.

The building should let occupants use it without difficulty, its layout should be efficient and adaptable to many configurations throughout its life. The building’s materials and construction method should remain simple and economical for their purpose.

And yet, we as architects should not have to see the principles of firmness and commodity as constraints on the beauty of the building. Each building should embrace its own narrative of its client, place and function. It should be the physical embodiment of the spirit of each of these elements.

Every project is unique, every solution is different. We do not subscribe to any particular “style” of architecture. We collaborate with our clients to design effective and distinctive solutions to the unique challenges of their brief and site.

We also take pride in our management of projects, efficient processes, quality of documentation, fairness in dealings and our focus on training young architects. Fulton Trotter Architects celebrates strong camaraderie – with our staff, clients and contractors.