It’s quite a family. Most of us who have been here for a while started as students. I started in first year uni. We’ve been brought up with the practice.

Aiming to be an employer which looks after its people, Fulton Trotter Architects also believes in a culture of celebration. We recognise that work and life balance is important, but also that work itself should be a positive experience. Our focus is one of maintaining a unique office culture which is committed to servicing our clients well. We proudly offer a workplace of vibrant design discussion, training and mentoring all team members as they face new challenges. We celebrate our successes, and provide numerous social and sporting opportunities to enhance office relationships.

Fulton Trotter also embraces the work of our clients through partnerships, and annual sponsorships and donations. Our practice is the Founding Platinum Partners of Art from the Margins and we have been proudly involved with the group since 2007. Other partnerships include local school fetes, sports teams, community based organisations and industry associations such as the Association of Consulting Architects and the Council of Educational Facility Planners International.

Our regular events include Charlie’s Truck Door Art Competition & Exhibition, End of Financial Year dinner, Chinchilla Melon Festival, Fulton Trotter River Hogs rowing team, Team Fish Cycling group to name but a few.