Alison Sheil Associate

Alison is an Associate with Fulton Trotter Architects and brings with her an open mind in leadership, knowledge and enjoyment in her work. Alison joined the practice as a Graduate of Architecture and has since become a Registered Architect and now an Associate. Drawn to the practice by an interest in the friendly and sometimes fun aesthetic of the projects and her interests in Aged Care, Community and Civic Buildings has seen Alison service a diverse range of projects since joining the practice.

Leadership and team collaboration is highly regarded in Alison’s day-to-day work. She enjoys involving the whole team on a project including the client, consultants and contractors to work together. Alison enjoys leading a project where everyone involved is heard and each person has an opportunity to contribute to the ‘big picture’. Alison spends the time explaining tasks carefully, but also demonstrating the impact each small process has in the overall project. This is evident in many of Alison’s successful projects including the Clancy Catholic College Library & Staff building which was awarded a 2010 Master Builders Award.


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