John Hay Senior Associate

John is a Senior Associate with the practice and has close to twenty years of experience. Since joining the practice as a study mate of Director Paul Trotter, John has grown his career in the progressive path that the practice offers. He is a passionate architect who strives to deliver projects that respond well to their environment and address all requirements of the client, whilst remaining innovative and cost efficient.

As a Senior Associate, John leads a team of dedicated Architects, Graduates and Students whom all work hard to provide design solutions that offer differing viewpoints so that better solutions are achieved for the client. It is John’s goal to always ensure that his team achieves a high quality of work in a cost effective way, which in return adds innovation and experience to the Practice’s portfolio.

Traditionally, John has been the architect driving the regional portfolio of work, from health to education and community facilities in often-distant regional communities throughout Queensland. John structures his process based on careful systems, which assist his team efficiency whilst also growing their knowledge and experience under his guidance. He enjoys watching team members progress in their ‘architectural journeys’ with the practice and he likes to think that his experience and knowledge contributes extensively to assisting this progression.


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