John Ward Director

John has been with the practice since a Student of Architecture studying at the Queensland University of Technology. Over John’s career, he has progressed to the role of Associate Director and now leads a team of young and enthusiastic designers made up of registered architects, graduates of architecture and students. John is a passionate, hands on designer with experience across a wide range of project disciplines and a proven track record in successfully managing complex and large-scale projects.

He enjoys working with his team and ensuring everyone feels as though they have contributed to the design, in which, he feels, adds a sense of ownership to the project and results in a high quality outcome for the client. His aim is to maintain a relaxed and friendly environment (wherever possible) for everyone to work in. This applies both to our team within FTA as well as to the rest of our team outside of FTA (with our clients, consultants and builders). There’s a lot of work that goes into creating any building and John believes you achieve the best results when everyone is working together and pushing for the same goal. It works even better if everyone is also enjoying the process.


Associate Director

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