Mark Trotter Director

As a Director for over twenty-five years, Mark has contributed significantly to the continual growth and leadership of Fulton Trotter Architects. Mark became a Director after successfully fulfilling the role of Associate ‘in residence’ opening our Northern Rivers office in 1982. He was the first new Director of the practice since 1966. Throughout his leadership, Mark has carefully managed the practice through the challenging financial crisis in the early 1990s and the successful transition from the practice’s earlier generation of partners.

His commitment to the quality body of work and clients is evident in the success of the practice over the past 3 decades. Much of Mark’s work is multi-award winning and highly notable throughout the industry. He enjoys the process of solving complex problems on paper, and then one day walking through the project with a happy client.

Mark contributes much of his time to the mentoring of young architects in which he hopes will be the practice’s next generation of Directors. Seeing young people blossom as designers and professionals in this practice is a value in which he takes great pride.

Mark’s inspiration for over 40 years is his father’s design in 1964 of the Mathers’ Residence. “How many times have I tried to mimic its simple gracefulness [Mathers Residence]. My earliest inspiration in architecture and a lasting one”, says Trotter.


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