Paul Sekava Director

Paul is a highly motivated and very experienced Senior Architect and Director of Fulton Trotter Architects. He has been responsible for many large scale, multi stage projects in our office over the last 18 years. Paul enjoys working on projects that are carried out in ‘traditional’ service, something in which Fulton Trotter Architects is very passionate about embracing. This has given him the opportunity to contribute to the rich history of the practice.

Paul leads a team of highly skilled designers who all strive to achieve a great outcome on every project. He tries to include his team in the process and where possible give them responsibility just beyond their experience so that they can grow but with a safety net and encouragement to succeed. Paul’s most enjoyable project with the practice is the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, which he felt embraced all forms of a collaborative design effort. The design team was unique, complementary and respectful to each other’s skillset; the completed architecture retained much of the original design intent and ideas that were generated by the whole team.


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