Robert Wesener Associate Director

Robert is an Associate Director with Fulton Trotter Architects and maintains an important role in the practice. He is the driver of our Quality Management System and ensures projects are delivered on time, budget and of quality. As an architect, Robert enjoys finding simple solutions in complex issues, which have an impact on the everyday lives of those who use the buildings we have designed.

Robert comes from a background of Government work which gives him the skills to create efficiencies through automating processes which ultimately generates more time for the enjoyable journey of architecture and design. Maintaining his long relationships with clients all over the country is paramount to Rob as he strives to deliver projects that continuously exceed the clients brief whilst working collaboratively in a larger technical team with consultants and contractors.

As our internal health expert, Robert has delivered some of Queensland’s most significant regional health programs to communities all over the state. This has developed unique knowledge in health care design and functionality, which ultimately has lasting affects on staff and the community in which they service.


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